some loosely connected documents based around a theme of setting up alternative networks via self-hosted VPN servers that share a virtual network space

currently, there are two documents here:

the first is which is a brief walkthrough of how I set up and configured a raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu 20.04 as a wireguard server with web interface for peer management.

the second is which is a similarly brief walkthrough of how I set up powerdns as an authoritative dns server for my vpn nodes with web interface for domain name management.

there are also a couple of pertinent threads in the fediverse, this one that kind of acts as a live blog of the idea taking shape, and this one that I wrote after my first day tinkering.

additionally, I gave a brief presentation to about the tubes.

the video is hosted on

the online slidedeck with links to projects mentioned

this site is being served by a node on #theTubes.

subnet assignments

currently subnet assignments are a completely manual process. if you'd like a /24 subnet in the with the rest of us, hit one of us up in the fediverse for now until we get an automated peer application thing set up.

current subnets:


we are also starting to run authoritative dns servers for our own TLDs. once you're connected to the tubes we can get you set up in one of the existing servers or get your server picking up and sending zone transfers.

current TLDs:


any omissions or errors are the fault of

last updated 2021 Apr 12